Should universities teach students how to find a job?

The number of graduate applicants per position has greater than doubled in the past two years. In the context of the significantly less positions made openin the marketplace, along withthe number of redundancy figuressince the recession, universities appear to be producing an ever rising number of graduate students without investing any useful or practical training skills in preparation for recruitment. Should universities be concentrating less on academia and more on making their students employable?

The reason why college must help student looking for work

There is little need for academic necessary skills without any need of knowing how to use them
Employers do not want people who can sit read and regurgitate well in their own words. They do not want to employ computer systems; we've the relevant information technology and the trending world for that now. Rather what we need is people who have the necessary skills to apply what they are taught academically. This is in which the College system is failing. University students may have the knowledge but they do not have the abilities to apply - and this is what employers need! Therefore, we should change the University or college system so that university students are educated how to apply their skills.

People go to university because they believe it will help them get a profession, if that's not right then the colleges are failing the college students
The whole reason people go to university is because they feel it will boost their chances in receiving a respectable work , but if universities are not able to make their college attendees more employable then they are failing their work and the the objective of college is not being completed.

There is a massive lack of employment disaster in our middle.
We cannot really simply overlook this by declaring something along the Neanderthal lines of : every man fight for himself.
As Thomas Hobbes declared and I paraphrase: Institutions reveal the civility in all of us; where civility is covering our short,mean,ugly and competitive selves with a veneer of kindness. If we forget to mind; we all miss out as in Prisoners' mess: Nash equilibrium.
We cannot let the brutish force that rots our very spirits refuse justice and humanity in the direction of fellow human beings.
We are aware of corruption nepotism luck the continuing steady discrepancy between economical classes.
We know that life will not be fair and hence can not stand and watch as these factors, which are no responsibility of the college students; determine their/our destiny.

By the disagreement regarding right; those with ordinary can not and shouldn't be taught any thing.

If someone who is naturally a great writer, watercolorist or musician is never coached to write, paints and dance; are we not doing this one a big disservice? 
How can someone who isn't literate be expected to write?
there are only rare cases in which novels are wrote by literate persons for illiterate ones. Probably none of these are successful works; why? As illiterate writers are never given the opportunity to perfect / hone their writing skill.
Abilities are awakened and protected through training. You maybe a natural business person but if you are not aware of current deal commercial legalities then your accountant will scurry off with your money/ profits. You may also go to jail for avoidance the cost of taxes you weren't aware of. You might also face bankruptcy becauseof a change in business regulations.

at the endyou will find a number of college or university here in the middle east that have some unique courses to aid college attendees to find throughout their studies as in their free time job that we aid them to support there education and learning cost at the same time to receive some experince withen the studing period and even after the gradutation.

some academia like ( Philadelphia University Jordan / ) offer several highly developed courses throughout studying years and after graduation to help the students having enhanced profession future.